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Nurturing Your Inner Child for Healing and Wholeness

The external pain, hatred and suffering that we are seeing in the world right now is a reflection of the internal struggles within individuals. Hurt people, hurt people. But the opposite can be true as well: Healed people, can heal people.


Collectively, we are hurting and need love and healing now more than ever. We need individuals doing their own internal work. Coming home to their wholeness, to their hearts. To be the love we wish to see in the world.


It starts with you. By you doing your internal work on yourself, you are contributing to the healing of the collective.


"In order to heal others, we first need to heal ourselves. And to heal ourselves, we need to know how to deal with ourselves." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Healing isn't about changing or fixing ourselves. Healing is fully accepting, retrieving and reintegrating every aspect of ourselves back whole.

Coming home to our hearts and creating self-love from within.


There's a misconception that if you're on a self-help journey, that something is wrong with you. That healing is necessary to be "good enough." However, this journey is the most powerful and greatest gift that you can give to yourself. This journey supports you in coming home to yourself, integrating all parts of you, and showing yourself love and compassion along the way.


Healing involves allowing yourself to reconnect to your body and process emotions that have been stuck within you for years. Giving yourself permission to fully feel your anger, rage, sadness, grief, shame, guilt without judgment. Loving all aspects of yourself while gaining a deeper understanding of your thoughts, limiting beliefs, triggers and emotional states.


What I have learned and know to be true is that whenever you're triggered or anxious, it's often a younger part of you seeking love and attention. A younger part of you that needs to be seen and validated by you in that moment.


Truly recognizing this makes inner child work crucial for long lasting transformation and healing, which I continue to see proof of time and time again within myself and clients that I work with.


This involves getting curious about your current emotional state from a non-judgmental place and, through guided meditation, safely revisiting painful events from your childhood or adolescence that are subconsciously or consciously impacting your present day life.  In revisiting these memories you are gifting yourself the opportunity to reparent yourself and actually change your childhood experience by being there for your younger self in that moment. This is healing on a cellular level and how I have healed my anxiety and eating disorder.


In doing this, you are allowing yourself to be the internal loving parent to your younger self, showing these parts of you so much love and compassion; letting these parts of you be seen and validating your experience, which creates safety and security from within.


Connecting with your inner child isn't just about the past. It's about nurturing and loving the present you. It's a journey toward self-compassion, unlocking resilience, creating safety in your body, and developing a deeper relationship with yourself.


Through this journey, you truly realize that you are not broken: you are whole, you have always been whole; you are good enough and have always been enough.


It's not about being perfect or completely "healed." It’s about showing yourself love and compassion and loving all parts of yourself, no matter what. 


Discovering and reconnecting with my inner child through the different stages in my life has been profoundly healing for me. I'm so incredibly passionate about supporting others in connecting with their inner child within a sacred and safe space. I'm so excited to now be offering a transformative 1-hour session to unlock the power of your emotions and connect with your inner child (see details below). Click here to see what others are saying about their experiences!

Sending you my love,



Inner Child Healing Session

Experience the profound impact of connecting with your inner child.


In our 1-hour session time together, I’ll guide you through a meditation that invites you to fully embrace and release the emotions residing within you. It’s not just a session; it’s a journey towards healing, safety and self-discovery.

What to Expect:

Emotional Exploration: Together, we’ll identify and explore the emotions that are surfacing within you. No judgment, just a safe space for you to fully feel.

Release and Let Go: I’ll lead you through a guided meditation and embodiment practice allowing you to release pent-up emotions and make room for healing and growth.

Inner Child Connection: Experience the profound impact of connecting with your inner child. It’s a powerful, cellular-level healing experience that can bring about true transformation.

Book Your Inner Child Session:
Your inner child is waiting to be heard and embraced. Let’s embark on this journey together!


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