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Hi! I'm Holly, a Certified Holistic Health and Embodiment Coach and I am dedicated to supporting individuals on their healing journeys. With a compassionate approach, I integrate the mind, body, and spirit to address the challenges of modern life. Since 2020, I've immersed myself in the world of health coaching, a path that has transformed my life and purpose.

Drawing from my personal and professional training, I support my clients in reconnecting with their inner child, heal past wounds, and cultivate self-nurturance. By combining practices like meditation, mindfulness, and embodiment techniques, I empower clients to navigate life's challenges with resilience and self-compassion.

I specialize in supporting those struggling with emotional and/or binge eating and turning to substances outside of themselves for comfort. I offer healthy coping mechanisms to help individuals feel what they need to feel, fostering a deeper understanding and compassion for themselves. Through my guidance, clients find lasting healing and a renewed sense of well-being.

My own healing journey began over six years ago when I felt lost and alone, battling negative self-talk, an eating disorder, and high anxiety. I used distractions like food, alcohol, and social media to avoid confronting my pain. It wasn't until I embraced holistic practices like meditation, mindfulness, and inner child work, along with nourishing foods and loving movement, that my healing truly began.

I chose to show up for myself, and through consistent self-reflection and openness, I've turned my struggles into my life's purpose. I now help others do the same.

I understand the loneliness of struggling with health issues, but I also know that there's a way out. You can have a healthy relationship with yourself, your body, and food without restrictions.

My mission is to support you on your healing journey, guiding you to:

  • Begin healing your relationship with yourself, food, and your body

  • Gain confidence in your food choices and freedom from anxiety around eating

  • Deepen your self-connection and navigate cravings and emotional eating

  • Incorporate mindfulness practices that support mental, emotional, and physical health

  • Listen to your body and discover foods that promote optimal digestion and gut health

  • Rewire negative beliefs and cultivate self-compassion

  • Embrace and integrate your inner child and teenage self to foster a deeper connection with these younger aspects of yourself

  • Support in practicing embodiment techniques to help you reconnect to your body and process your emotions, allowing you to release stored energy you may be carrying as blockages

I am deeply committed to transforming my clients' relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves. To come home to yourself, embrace your true essence, and remember your wholeness. You are not alone; there is a way forward, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

If you are looking support, I would love to chat. Click here to schedule a free discovery call with me!
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Holly Krack

Holistic Health and Embodiment Coach

Content Creator

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