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I'm so grateful you're here! I'm Holly and I'm an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach.  I have been in the health coaching space since 2020 and absolutely love the work I get to do.
My health and healing journey began about 4+ years ago.​ I use to feel so alone and lost in what I wanted to do with my life. My self-talk with filled with negativity about myself, my body and food. I was struggling with an eating disorder and high levels of anxiety. I was constantly trying to change myself and my body. I would distract myself with food, alcohol, social media, going out and more to stop myself from truly getting to the root cause of my pain and fully allowing myself to feel my emotions. 

Now that I have my holistic habits and routines set in place that continuously support me in connecting deeper with myself, I’ve been able to turn my greatest struggles and pain in life into my undeniable purpose that fuels me every single day.
I started incorporating meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, inner child work, foods for nourishment, movement out of a place of love, nervous system regulation...that's when my healing journey began and things started to shift for me. 

I CHOSE to SHOW UP for myself to make a positive change in my life. Throughout my health and healing journey, I found myself again…and boy, does it feel good.

And you can too. 
I know, firsthand, how lonely and isolating it can feel when you are struggling with your health. I never thought I could be in a good place mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally... but now that I am, I have to share how I got here. 
I truly believe that you CAN have a healthy relationship with yourself, your body and food without restriction or deprivation.
My mission is for other women struggling on their health journey to know that they are NEVER alone and that there is a way out.
You CAN feel confident in your own skin, free from the cycle of restricting, binging and emotional eating. You CAN fully and completely love and accept yourself as you ARE
Through my health coaching program, I guide women to:
  • begin their healing journey with their relationship with themselves, food and their body
  • become confident in food choices and free from anxiety around food
  • learn how to deepen the relationship with themselves and navigate cravings and emotional eating
  • incorporate efficient mindfulness routines into your their lives that are supportive of mental, emotional and physical health
  • explore how to listen to their bodies and discover foods that support optimal digestion and gut health
  • become consciously aware of how they are speaking to themselves and rewire negative limiting beliefs
and so much more! 
I am so deeply committed to radically transforming my clients relationships with food, their bodies and themselves.
If you are looking support, I would love to chat. Click here to schedule a free discovery call with me!
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Holly Krack

Holistic Health Coach +

Content Creator

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