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The Multiple Truths Podcast

The Multiple Truths Podcast is a safe space with women coming together, healing in community, sharing our self-love journeys, opinions, truths, insights, wisdom and downloads received along the way. A place where we truly honor our differences. Listening to one another, getting multiple perspectives, where one is not right or wrong, better than or worse. They simply just are.


We want to create safe space where there is no hierarchy, no one way of thinking. A space where all are welcome, with no judgment. Where we can come together and have multiple truths. Listening with open minds and open hearts. Being respectfully honest and supportive with one another. Respectfully challenging one another. Because that is what we feel the world needs. Less divide, less hate, less judgement. More unconditional love, more listening with compassion and curiosity, more open minds, more respect.


What feels true for one person may not resonate with you, and that’s completely okay. All of you is welcome here. We are in this together. We honor our differences here. We love you and hope you enjoy our conversations! 


If you need advice or a fresh perspective,
we're here for you.
Email us at with your questions, and we'll address them on the podcast. You're not alone in your struggles, and we're here to help.

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