"Holly has such positive energy and definitely leads by example.

These qualities, along with her evidence-based information, guidance and continued encouragement, have allowed me to become acutely aware of the impact my choices have on how I feel day to day, physically and mentally.

I sincerely cannot thank Holly enough for motivating me to make the sensible changes in my life that actually make me feel good about my health and well-being as I age."

- Sharon C.

"Holly was amazing to work with! She truly cares about your mental and physical health and is extremely knowledgeable.

She made me feel comfortable at all times and taught me tools to utilize as I continue a healthy lifestyle journey."

- Gina M.


"Holly has awesome energy & I am so happy she is in my life as I continue to grow as a person. 

Holly has truly helped me over the last 3 months get out of a rut and actually help me develop a routine that I can stick to and be successful for both everyday routines as well as workout routines.

She has helped me have a healthier relationship with food and make better choices without feeling deprived.

She will support you in every way possible and hold you accountable!"

- Megan B.

"Holly is so enthusiastic, educated, and an inspiration. I would highly recommend her program!

I met with Holly for health consulting to obtain personalized advice for healthy eating options, not only to lose weight but to feel my best.

Holly took me as I am and didn't focus on my weight; she was so supportive.

Her recipes really opened my eyes to alternative plant-based options. She taught me meal planning and the importance of breakfast. Her recipes are delicious and filling.

She also helped me realize the importance of "personal time" and scheduling it into my day."

- Melissa S.


"Holly was fabulous!! Her approach to whole food eating and providing education is impeccable.

When Holly didn’t know an answer, she would find out for you with reputable sources. It was amazing that she even brought in partners to the program. If you need a place to start, Holly is your girl!"

- Kelsey J.

"Holly has been an essential key to helping me live my happiest and healthiest life.

Holly has taught me that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean just eating better and working out,

it’s also about your mindset and how you live each day.

I feel extremely lucky to have Holly in my life. She inspires me to push myself to my full potential and be my best self each and every day. I know I will continue to take the advice Holly has given to me and apply it to my daily life. It will not only positively impact me but my family as well. I can not say enough about what she has done for me!"

- Caroline M.

"Holly was so supportive and informative.

It was like having a girlfriend who didn’t judge and always had me on her mind to share good recipes and positive knowledge with."

- Cassie L.

"Holly is very knowledgeable! She is kind and is non-judgmental.

She helped me see the best parts of myself!"

- Chelsea W.