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The Damage of the Constant Need to Label

As a society, there is a constant need to label. Good or bad, fat or skinny, shy or loud, sad or happy, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat.

This hyperfixation to put people into boxes to make it easier for our minds to comprehend the world around us.

What I'm discovering in my ongoing journey of learning and growth is that life isn't as black and white as we often perceive it to be. There are nuances to everything, and it's possible for multiple truths and opinions to coexist simultaneously.


What feels true and resonates for one person may not feel true for someone else…and that's perfectly okay. There is no one right way of thinking, no one right way of being or living. 


The constant need to label and to be right is keeping us divided and doing more harm than good.


We must honor our differences, learning to listen to one another with an open heart, open mind and creating mutual respect. To challenge ourselves to see all sides, consider various perspectives, and truly take time to understand where the other person is coming from, from a place of non-judgment. 


This need to judge someone that you disagree with, or instantly judge and label because you don’t hold the same belief or understanding, is the ego.


The light and the dark reside within us all. The immediate need to judge someone you disagree with, to speak negatively, or gossip represents your dark side - that's your ego's attempt to shield you from potential hurt. The ego, in itself, is not inherently bad; its main purpose is to keep you safe from pain, which is actually a beautiful thing. But, acknowledging that the ego was shaped by painful childhood experiences and is a defense mechanism constantly striving to protect you from reliving painful moments can help you have a deeper layer of understanding of your internal dialogue.


The key lies in being able to distinguish between the voice of the ego and the voice of your higher self. The real work involves acknowledging when the ego surfaces, be-friending the ego by expressing gratitude for its protective instinct, and then consciously returning to your higher self, your heart space, to non-judgement. By truly identifying, calling out, and challenging the ego, you unlock the door to significant personal growth.


As you become more self-aware, gaining clarity on your triggers, past trauma, and understanding why certain things make you feel a certain way, you can meet yourself with understanding, validation and love. The more you can do this for yourself, the more you can extend that same open heart to others, honoring their perspectives on certain topics and respecting how they express themselves.


At the end of the day, it’s quite simple. Each one of us just wants to be loved, seen, heard, validated and accepted. 


The more we can listen to one another without the need to be right, or the need to label or judge, but truly listen as we would want to be heard, the more peace we can create. To listen and consider multiple perspectives, with no right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse - it just simply is.


There is no hierarchy, no one right way of thinking. The truth is, multiple truths can coexist simultaneously. The more we can respect, honor and genuinely listen to one another, the less division there will be in the world. The world needs less division, less hate, less judgment, less unchecked ego. We need more love, understanding, compassion, curiosity and open-mindedness.


You can only accept people as deeply as you have accepted yourself. My prayer is that we engage in the inner work, acknowledging the inner child within us that need love and validation. May we learn to fully embrace and accept ourselves, so we may fully embrace and accept one another. 


This is my prayer for us all, for humanity, for the children: A world with more love and less divide. 


Sending you my love,




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