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A Reflection On My Journey

As I turned 31 earlier this week, I took some time to reflect on the last year of my life in one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. I found myself this year. My true authentic voice, my worth, my passion, my purpose.

I learned how to love myself, to come home to myself, to consciously live my life for ME; to follow what feels right, not what makes sense; to trust, to spread love and to never dim my light. That may sound silly, stupid or easy to some people, but to me, to truly be able to come home to myself, love and appreciate all parts of me, has been a huge piece of my healing journey. For years, I made myself small; constantly worrying if I was saying or doing the right thing; always criticizing myself and my body; worrying about what other people thought of me; allowing food to rule my life; always working out from a place of punishment; constantly comparing myself, trying to change who I was and never feeling good enough. This year, I found that everything I have been searching for so desperately from others has been within me all along. Everything I need is inside of me…the comfort, the love, the acceptance, the validation. I no longer do things out of punishment to myself and my body, but from such a deeply loving, intuitive and compassionate place. From the food that I eat, the way I move my body, how I speak to myself, who I allow into my life…I am finally on the same team as myself, my internal loving parent, my own best friend. I learned how to surrender and trust that everything is happening for my highest good and that I am always being guided, supported and protected. I get to be exactly who I am, and the right people will find me in divine timing. I still have my hard days, as we all do, but I now have my holistic habits, routines and tools set in place that continuously support me in connecting deeper with myself and get me back into balance quickly. This journey is never ending, but this was a year of growth that I will truly never forget. This year I found myself, and I am so grateful. This is available for you, too. It takes showing up for yourself, remembering who you are, consciousness, awareness, rewiring your internal beliefs and re-connecting with yourself. If you're looking for support along your journey, click here to schedule your free discovery call with me. Sending you love, Holly


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